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Robin Gaudiel

Owner TEKKIT Events
Technical Operator Royal Mail, London Post Office, UK

Being busy is a lifestyle that stirs my health in constant challenge. Coffee or black Tea was my coping strategy which consequently troubled my sleeping time. I tried MX3 Coffee Mix, I felt energized and experienced a good night sleep. I was not disturbed with empty stomach or acidity. I face my day beautiful and full of vitality.

Adeline G. Basuel

Consultant (Canadian Immigration Consultancy)

My MX3 Coffee Mix and nine pet Labrador Retrievers perk up my everyday life. I opted to live a stress-free life by choosing what I believe I love doing. Two of those favorite things in my life now are watching my dogs and having my cup of MX3 Coffee. Indeed, MX3 Coffee blends life’s best.

Levi Panganiban

AVP Sales & Marketing (TAPE, INC.-EAT BULAGA)